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Management team

Corey Wesley Correa

President & Executive Chairman


Since starting Landmark Logistics Corporation, Corey has lead the company to astounding growth within the first few years of operation. He brings over 15 years of logistical freight expertise to the company, and has become a leader in the business community. Through building valuable partnerships and paving the way for innovative business solutions within freight management, Corey continues to lead Landmark Logistics Corporation to a bright future.


Corey’s abilities transcend beyond typical freight management. Through his expertise, he is able to conceptualize logistics in a way that ties in all of the working pieces together through utilizing warehouse turn maximization, ordering strategy and optimizing inland logistics. All of which will help a customer increase their sales, service and lower their landed cost of goods.  He has set the standard in revolutionizing freight challenges and meeting client needs. Prior to opening Landmark, Corey worked for several of Hawaii’s freight and cargo companies, restructuring and growing them. In one case, Mr. Correa increased gross output by over 40 times their original sales volume within five years of working as their Vice President in sales.


As a founder of Landmark Logistics Corporation, Corey has been able to visualize a concept and produce strong momentum in activating that idea. Corey is also active in many philanthropic endeavors, participating in several of Hawaii’s local charities, believing in the importance of investing into Hawaii’s future. One of such endeavors includes volunteering as a board member for Cooling Cancer an organization that helps to fund research against cancer.


Corey-Wesley-Correa William-(Seiji)-Aspengren Noah Makana Chun

William (Seiji) Aspengren

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer


As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Landmark Logistics Corporation, Seiji is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. He played an important role in securing a strong foundation for future growth, and has been instrumental in leading the company towards technological innovations and into entrepreneurial endeavors.


AS CFO of Courier Corporation of Hawaii since 2008, Mr. Aspengren brings a strong and reputable partnership to Landmark Logistics along with trucking expertise spanning over 20 years. Courier Corporation of Hawaii is a locally owned and operated company with almost three decades of serving and meeting the needs of Hawaii’s businesses. CCH produces over eight million dollars of sales revenue annually.  


Seiji is also heavily involved with the entrepreneurial organizations in Hawaii. As a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (Hawaii Chapter), since 2011, Seiji lead the chapter to “EO Rockstar’ status within one year of his presidency as Hawaii Chapter President. Seiji is also a recipient of the “Koroku” award for philanthropic services to the Hawaii Japanese Chamber of Commerce, as well as a finalist in the 40 under 40 award in 2009.Seiji Aspengren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (2002).

Noah Makana Chun

Chief Operating Officer


As part of the Executive Team, Noah has been Landmark Logistics Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer since the inception of the company, and has paved the way in addressing operational challenges through spearheading proactive solutions for the organization.


As an entrepreneurial leader, Mr. Chun brings valuable market place knowledge to the company. After graduating from the Shidler College of Business with a Finance and Economics degree, he joined a Fortune 500 company as their Marketing Rep quickly to be promoted as their liaison with Food and Beverage.  Mr. Chun then had the opportunity to work in the field of finance doing lending for several brokers.


Having the opportunity to help build a local freight forwarder, Mr. Chun took on this tactical challenge,  shortly becoming one of their leading sales executives within a few years and being instrumental in facilitating nationwide growth.


Mr. Chun’s well rounded business endeavors, have given him invaluable industry knowledge and have helped to set the foundation for his meticulous work ethic. Both of which have helped Mr. Chun in producing a client centered value system and ability to address and overcome any operational challenge.  Mr. Chun takes pride in his work and is pivotal for leading the company operationally to exceed goals set forth by the company.